Transfer events are the core of exchange between science and the working world. The Office of Cooperation seizes current political and social ideas and conducts scientific congresses and panel discussions which help to bridge the gap between the two spheres and guarantee the interaction between academic representatives, representatives of unions and companies as well as students. Thereby, the world of employment and the world of science experience a sustainable cross-linkage.

Title Venue Date
11. IG Metall symposium for political education: Digitalization of Work Environment - Challenges for Vocational Education pdf Berlin June 16-17th, 2016
2. Bochumer Dispute - Global Free Trade and Fair Wages? Possibilities and Limits of                 sustainable production
The Institute of Social Movements (ISB) and the Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM invites you to the second Bochumer Dispute in the context of international week of Ruhr-University Bochum. The event takes place on June 8th 2015 from 6.00-8.00 p.m. in the House for the History of the Ruhr, Clemensstr. 17-19, Bochum. Weitere Informationen
House for the History of the Ruhr, Clemensstr. 17-19, Bochum June 8th, 2015
6.00 pm - 8.00 pm
Workshop on "Work Councils, in-service training and lifelong learning" Programm Erlangen June 25-26th, 2015
Many roads lead to the lecture hall!
Universities of Bochum inform about possibilities for the admission of vocationally qualified people to higher education.
Blue Square, Bochum February 27th, 2015 4.00 pm
The future of work: Industry 4.0 Structural change of work and working world - Conference of Hans-Böckler-Foundation
Presentation of Dr. Manfred Wannöffel
Universität Kassel October 23rd, 2014
Closing events
Lobby of Schauspielhaus October 30-31st, 2014
Event "Innovative projects in the introductory phase of the study program”. Manfred Wannöffel gave a presentation on the Learning Factory (presentation) Düsseldorf, Hotel Hilton October 10th, 2014
As part of the international project “This is Not Detroit” of Schauspielhaus Bochum, Manfred Wannöffel gave a presentation on the industrial change in Bochum which comes along with the closure of the Opel factory. (see präsentation)
Opel - Site in Zaragoza (Spain) October 2nd, 2014
In cooperation with the Hans-Böckler-Foundation (department for promotion of doctorates), the Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM hosted an international course. The topic of the course was the transnational cooperation of unions.
Bratislava (Slovakia) and Vienna (Austria) September 29th - October 3rd, 2014
Conference for Works Councils at the Ruhr-University. Topics were „Using potentials – Arrangements in the plant“, „Healthy labour – Healthy plant“, “Never stop Learning – Works Councils and further education”.
More information and program
Ruhr-University Bochum, Zentrum für IT-Sicherheit June 24th, 2014
Bochumer Disput: Bochum after Opel – what is the future of the city?
The Institute of Social Movement of the Ruhr-University, die Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM and the theatre in Bochum (Schauspielhaus Bochum) have organised a series of events with the title “Bochumer Disput – Globalisierungskonflikte vor Ort” (“Bochums Disput – A Localy Conflict of Globalisation). Series funded by the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung for the next six years starts with the topic “Bochum after Opel: what is the future of the city”?
More information
House for the History of the Ruhr June 17th, 2014,
6.00 pm - 8.00 pm
University admittance without Abitur at Ruhr-University Bochum Information as part of the cooperation project "Third-chance education at RUB". After a talk on the varied major programs as well as admission standards, student consultants will be available for one-on-one conversations. More information
Blue Square (Bongardstr. 16 - 18 - 2. floor). February 28th, 2014, 4oo pm
Start of The Detroit-Project Motorcities: International Lab (1st edition)
THE DETROIT-PROJECT  is a one-year international city project and art festival in Bochum. The Office of Cooperation is a project member. Prof. Dr. Manfred Wannöffel gave a presentation. More information und presentation
Schauspielhaus Bochum October 11th, 2013
Networking Conference „Beruflichkeit und Fachlickeit in Studium und Akkreditierung“
Ruhr-University Bochum, Event Center,
Conference Room3
October 1st and 2nd, 2013
International Conference - Workers’ Participation at Plant Level – An International Comparison Institute for social Movements August 21st – 23rd, 2013
Q+MEO-Closing Conference:
"Conditions and Best Practices of Advanced Training on Company Level"
Lecture by Dr. Manfred Wannöffel: "Qualification Contracts: Programs and Practices"
College for Economy and Management, Essen March 6th, 2013
10.30 am - 4.00 pm
Conference on Democratic and Social Universities
Event of the FH Dortmund in cooperation with the Hans-Böckler-Foundation und and the German Federation of Trade Unions NRW. Program and Signing Up
FH Dortmund November 12th, 2012
03.00 pm – 07.00 pm
50 years OPEL in Bochum Event due t the anniversary of the OPEL plant Bochum in cooperation with the Institute for Social Movement of the Ruhr University Bochum within the scope of the program “Memory and remembrance – places of remembrance in Bochum and in the Ruhr area”
Beitrag von Dr. Manfred Wannöffel
City Archive Bochum October 25th, 2012-
6:00 pm
EBR-Workshop within the EU project Net2Quali Anticipating and intentionally shape the transition  Industrial Union of Metalworkers training center Berlin 9th- 11th May, 2012
Concluding workshop: “Access to higher education for people in employment “– The Ruhr-University Bochum as subject of an exemplary analysis Ruhr University Bochum; TZR - Technologiezentrum Ruhr, Konferenzräume Bochum/Herne im Technologiezentrum (TZR) an der RUB, Universitätsstr. 142, 44799 Bochum July 14th, 2011
10.00 am – 5.30 pm
What am I worth?”
A joint venture between the Office of Cooperation, the regional head office of the Industrial Metal Union, NRW and the Information Offices of the Unions “Education and Science” and the young German Federation of Trade Unions at the Ruhr University Bochum
Ruhr University Bochum
Cafeteria Building
Floor 02 Room 2
June 21th, 2011
4.15 pm - 6.15 pm