02.02.2016 Die Sprechstunde von Herrn Prof. Dr. Wannöffel fällt am Dienstag, 02.02.2016 aus.
25.01.2016 Abschluß des Projekts: Unterstützung der Interessenvertretung in der betrieblichen Weiterbildung ein Vergleich zwischen Deutschland und Österreich
Kurzfassung der Ergebnisse in Form eines booklets.
19.01.2016 Kooperation zwischen Gewerkschaften und sozialen Bewegungen: Ursachen und Herausforderungen
Manfred Wannöffel/Mark Esteban Palomo
Artikel erschienen in "Der polititsche Mensch", Dietz Verlag, Bonn, ISBN 978-3-8012-4232-9 - Artikel als pdf
17.12.2015 Newsletter of the Office of Cooperation – RUB/IGM - 03/2015
07.12.2015 ADAPTION - migration towards CPPS based on the current degree of maturity
On 1 January 2016, the Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM begins to work on the new Industry 4.0 project “ADAPTION” in cooperation with the chair of production systems (RUB). The project is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for three years. This research cooperation aims at developing a migration model based on the degree of maturity to enable production companies to establish cyber-physical-production-systems (CPPS).
26.11.2015 Neue Forschungskooperation zur Untersuchung von Qualifizierungsbedarf und Qualifizierungspraxis von Betriebsräten (QuBA):
Am 1. Dezember startet in der Gemeinsamen Arbeitsstelle im Arbeitsschwerpunkt Bildung eine neue Forschungskooperation mit fünf DGB-Gewerkschaften. Erforscht werden die bisherige Qualifizierungspraxis und die Identifizierung neuer Qualifizierungsanforderungen von Betriebsrätinnen und Betriebsräten in einer sich dynamisch entwickelnden Arbeitswelt zwischen Globalisierung und Digitalisierung. Hierzu wird eine deutschlandweite Befragung von mehreren Tausend Betriebsratsmitgliedern aller Branchen und Betriebsgrößen durchgeführt. Die Forschungskooperation wird von der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung gefördert. Die Befragung startet Anfang 2016. Erste Ergebnisse sollen Mitte des Jahres vorliegen.
Projekttitel: „Qualifizierungsbedarfe von Betriebsräten und Qualifizierungsangebote für Betriebsräte – empirische Analysen auf Basis einer repräsentativen Betriebsrätebefragung (QuBA)“
24.11.2015 A new research cooperation examines works’ councils’ needs for qualification and qualification in practice (QuBA):
Starting on December 1, the Office of Cooperation organizes a research cooperation project between five DGB trade unions with the focus on education. The aim is to explore the present practice of qualification and to identify new requirements concerning the qualification of works’ councils. This issue becomes even more important in the context of a dynamic working world characterized by globalization and digitalization. Therefore, a German-wide survey with several thousand members of works’ councils of all sectors and all company sizes is conducted. The research cooperation is funded by the Hans-Boeckler Foundation. The survey starts January 2016. First results are expected around the middle of 2016. Project title: ”Needs and offers of qualification of and for works‘ councils – empirical analyses based on a representative survey of works’ councils” (original: „
Qualifizierungsbedarfe von Betriebsräten und Qualifizierungsangebote für Betriebsräte – empirische Analysen auf Basis einer repräsentativen Betriebsrätebefragung (QuBA)“)
10.11.2015 International cooperation as part of the RUB learning factory Invited by the automobile cluster Aragon (Zaragoza, Spain), Prof. Dr. Manfred Wannöffel gave a lecture on possible solutions to transfer experience from the RUB learning factory to the Spanish site of Opel in Zaragoza on November 5 - 6. See lecture as pdf and article.
27.10.2015 Expert commission Industry 4.0
Invited by the Ministry for Work, Integration and Social Affairs NRW, Prof. Dr. Manfred Wannöffel participated in an expert commission on Industry 4.0 on October 27, 2015. Embedded in the context of the varied research cooperation projects the Office of Cooperation is engaged in, he introduced nine theses concerning the role of works’ councils’ codetermination and of employees’ participation in the constitution of future work processes.
18.08.2015 Prof. Dr. Manfred Wannöffel’s next office hours will be on October 6, 2015
Europäische Betriebsräte – Grenzüberschreitende Koordination in der Automobilzulieferindustrie (European works councils – transnational coordination in the automotive supply industry) by Axel Hauser-Ditz, Valentina Mählmeyer, Ludger Pries. Part of the series Work – Interests – Participation published by campus publishing company. ISBN 978-3-593-50328-8
04.08.2015 Die Schnittstelle – information about studies and career provided by the IG Metall (issue 19 p. 4)
Learning under real production conditions – a project by RUB and IG Metall. Access to the article is provided here.
You can now order the print issue of Schnittstelle for free -
03.08.2015 40 years of cooperation between IG Metall and Ruhr-University Bochum
“Kooperation – Brücke zwischen Hörsaal und Fabrikhalle” (Cooperation – bridge between lecture hall and factory hall)
Article published in Magazin Mitbestimmung by the Hans-Böckler Foundation (07+08 2015)
30.07.2015 Festschrift “Forschung als Herausforderung” (Research as challenge) on the occasion of Werner Fiedler’s retirement from the Hans-Böckler Foundation. Edited by Heinz-Hermann Krüger, Heinz Sünker, Werner Thole and published by Barbara Budrich. Contribution of Prof. Dr. Wannöffel “Sachzwang Japan: Zur Inkubationszeit des Toyotismus”
24.07.2015 Newsletter of the Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM - 02/2015
23.07.2015 BlauPause – 50th anniversary of Ruhr-University Bochum – temporary results of the survey
Within the scope of the festivities on the occasion of the 50-year existence of the Ruhr-University Bochum, the Office of Cooperation conducted a student survey addressed to visitors of the “BlauPause” on June 6, 2015. The participants were asked for their opinion on the role of the RUB for the economy and science in Bochum. The survey consisted of eight questions that were developed together with students from the seminar “Science and working world” at the faculty of social science. In total, 364 people took part in the survey on this day. The temporary results can be accessed here.
Wissenschaft und Arbeitswelt – eine Kooperation im Wandel (Science and working world – a changing cooperation)
On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the cooperation between IG Metall and Ruhr-University Bochum. Published by Prof. Dr. Ludger Pries, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Urban, Prof. Dr. Manfred Wannöffel 2015, 244pp. ISBN 978-3-8487-2478-9 (Together with edition sigma) to obtain at
13.07.2015 annual report 2014 of the Office of Cooperation RUB/IG Metall
10.07.2015 RUB and IG Metall: 40 years of cooperation published in the Aktuellportal of the Ruhr-University Bochum.
30.06.2015 Interview with Prof. Dr. Manfred Wannöffel published in IG Metall WAP – Das Bildungsportal on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the cooperation between IG Metall and Ruhr-University Bochum. Jubilee event on July 10, 2015. You can find the program here. Application required.
02.06.2015 50 years Ruhr-University Bochum. Contribution on WDR 5
26.05.2015 d Dialog 10/2015
Biography research on the basis of the Opel plants in Bochum – raise, upheaval, decline.
08.05.2015 June 8, 2015 – 2nd Bochumer Disput –Free trade and fair wages worldwide? Opportunities and limits of sustainable production.
The Institute for Social Movements and the Office of Cooperation host the 2nd Bochumer Disput as part of the International Week at RUB. The event will take place in the House for History of the Ruhr area (Clemensstr. 17-19, Bochum) on June 8, 6-8pm. More information. Contribution Lokalkompass.
21.04.2015 July 7-8, 2015 – The 5th Conference on Learning Factories. The Office of Cooperation participates with a talk in collaboration with the chair of production systems: “Learning Factory – A Didactic Concept to teach professional competence regarding questions of management, organization and workers’ participation”. More information about the program can be accessed here.
20.04.2015 Access to the newsletter of the Office of Cooperation RUB/IG Metall 1/2015
40 years of cooperation between IG Metall and Ruhr University Bochum
On July 10, 2015, we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the cooperation agreement between the Industrial Metal Union and Ruhr University Bochum. We will hear speeches by Svenja Schulze (Minister of Innovation, Science and Research of the federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia), Elmar Weiler (Rector of the Ruhr-University Bochum) and Detlef Wetzel (first chairman of the Industrial Metal Union) followed by a panel discussion concerning “Co-determination and participation in economy and society”. You can access the program here. Applications required.
15.04.2015 May 13, 2015 4.15pm GC 04/611
Inaugural lecture as part of the colloquium of social sciences in the summer term 2015
Prof. Dr. Manfred Wannöffel (RUB IGM)
“The changing cooperation of science and working world: 40 years of cooperation between Ruhr University Bochum and IG Metall” Access Prof. Dr. Manfred Wannöffel’s talk here.
17.03.2015 We are looking for a student assistant! From May 2015 for 10 h/ week – support of teaching, projects and general office work.
30.01.2015 Many roads lead to the lecture hall!
Get informed about opportunities of third-chance education on February 27, 2015 4pm.
More information Pia Wagner – Tel. 0234-25239
hbs RUBIGM a
The 6th season of the further training for scholarship holders of the Hans-Böckler Foundation “Process management and organization-oriented qualifications” is going to start in April, 2015. More information and description of modules.






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